Star Wars in Concert

On March 30 2010, I attended Star Wars in Concert in Antwerp, Belgium, where I was staying for a couple of days.
It proved to be a great night, as the concert was wonderful. I'm not going to write a long story as words cannot do the concert justice. If you have the chance to attend the concert during it's tour: don't hesitate and just go. You won't be disappointed.

Darth Vader and the editor of this site :)

The concert hall

During the exhibit before the concert, some props and costumes were on display. Here is a flightsuit from Attack of the Clones.

Padmé's robes from The Phantom Menace

Royal Guards

Plo Koon

Kit Fisto

Han Solo in Carbonite

A Neimoidian

The music, composed by John Williams

Helmets: Biker Scout and A-Wing Pilot

Death Star Trooper helmet





Behind the orchestra was a huge videowall

The host, Anthony 'C-3PO' Daniels gave a wonderful performance with his wit and humor and is a natural storyteller

Finally, some shots from the concert. We had great seats! A fantastic experience that every Star Wars fan should witness....and non-Star Wars fans too! (Hey, my girlfriend -who's NOT a fan- loved it)