Star Wars Celebration Europe II

July 27 2013 was the second day of Star Wars Celebration Europe II. Of course, StarWarsInterviews was there to report!
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Personally, what really made this event so great were the talks with the 'biggies' in Star Wars land. These talks were presented by none other than Warwick Davis. Here's a video I made of how he was introduced to the public:
He also had a translation droid with him on stage to assist him.
His first guest was Kathleen Kennedy, the new president of LucasFilm. Unfortunately she couldn't answer questions regarding Episode VII, but nevertheless it was a great (actually, the best) talk of the day. To me, the best thing she had to say was that the story is always the most important, no matter how good the special effects are and that they are looking for real locations to shoot instead of 'green screen' locations. Wait....she DID have a real scoop for us: the announced that the legendary John Williams is composing the music for the new trilogy! (and the crowd went wild) Immediately after this news a video message from Mr. Williams was shown.
Next up was Dave Filoni, who came to talk about Star Wars: Rebels, the new TV series (starts fall 2014)
The good thing is that the new series will be heavily inspired by the art of Ralph McQuarrie, as can be seen in the images he showed the public, including the new logo and the new ship called "the Ghost". He wasn't allowed to say when exactly between Episodes III and IV the series will take place and gave some cryptic answer when he was asked if characters from Clone Wars will star in some way in the new series. My guess is that they will.
In the artists section I met japanese artist Tsuneo Sanda. Now, I have this piece made by him since the late 90's, no needless to say I really admire his work!
Time for some various pix: Angry Birds....
A big AT-AT
Some Lego
Last, but certainly not least, was "Straight Talk from a Princess" with Carrie Fisher (who brought her dog with her on stage!). Unfortunately no questions regarding Episode VII were allowed. Still, it was a lot of fun, especially when she and Warwick recreated their scene from Return of the Jedi, of which I made this video:
After that, day 2 was over. Unfortunately, no interviews (I've interviewed most of the actors that were there, but would have loved to interview Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Ian McDiarmid) but still a fantastic day and a fantastic event!