Nick Gillard interview | Star Wars

How did you get the job as a stuntcoordinator/swordmaster for ‘Star Wars’?

Rick McCallum rang me and asked if I wanted to do it.

You trained both Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen for the prequels. How were they to work with?

They were fantastic.

In Episode III you played Cin Drallig. How do look back at that part? And who invented that name? It’s your real name spelled backwards!

Again, yes it is my name spelled backwards. How do I look back on it. It was less than 3 seconds, so I don't really look back on it.

Did any fun or remarkable things happen during the making of the Star Wars movies you were involved? Of course, I want to hear them!

Every day was fun and remarkable.

Is there any (fight or stunt)scene from the Prequels of which you think: that could have been better? If so, which one and what could be better?


What scene in the Prequels are you most proud of?
All of them.

How far could you go regarding creating the fight scenes? Did Lucas had a clear vision of how he wanted it or could you do the scenes just how you wanted them to be?

I wrote them all.

Were there any scenes filmed for the prequels that didn’t make the movie and didn’t make the deleted scenes section on the DVDs? In other words: cut scenes that only an insider like you would know of?

Some scenes were cut, some were edited out of sequence.

You have worked closely with George Lucas on various occasions over the years. How would you describe his relation with him and how is he to work with. Does he really control everything and does no one dare to criticize him?

He is great to work with, no one needs to criticize him, he is open to all

I read that you have the fondest memories of Amsterdamned. Being Dutch, I have seen the movie several times. Why do you have such good memories regarding this movie?

Amsterdam is one of my most favorite cities in the world, the Dutch seem to have all the answers.

You were in another Lucasfilm production: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where you played a tank man. You worked with Sir Sean Connery of whom it is sometimes said he’s hard to work with. How was your (work)relation with him?

Fine, worked with him loads of times.

You once said you regret not doing Lord of the Rings instead of Star Wars and you know the book of Lord of the Rings inside out. Why does Lord of the Rings have such an importance for you? Also, if you’d done that wouldn’t you have missed Star Wars?

Lord of the Rings is a fabulous story, and yes the reason I didn't do it was because I was contracted to Lucasfilm.

Finally, what is your fondest memory regarding your work on Star Wars?

Episode I, all of it.